Sustaining Systemic Approaches to Reengaging Disconnected Youth Portland, OR

Sustaining Systemic Approaches to Reengaging Disconnected Youth Portland, OR
Sustaining Systemic Approaches to Reengaging Disconnected Youth Portland, OR

The American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF), working with the National League of Cities’ Institute for Youth, Education, and Families (YEF Institute), planned a series of workshops and field trips to help local leaders learn more about reaching struggling students and out-of-school youth and expanding options and alternatives for high school-aged young people. This project, funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, supports the YEF Institute’s work engaging municipal leaders in building cross-system collaborations by providing hands-on professional development activities to mayors and superintendents, their staffs, and other local leaders engaged in efforts to reach young people who have dropped out of school, are out of work, or have been involved in the juvenile justice or foster care systems. This project offers local leaders an opportunity to participate in strategically designed and intensive workshops and field trips during which participants engage in substantive policy discussions with their counterparts in other cities and visit exemplary programs.

The third trip is the series to Portland, OR reconvened city teams who joined us for the AYPF field trip to Newark and New York City in December 2007. Participants will learn about Portland’s varied efforts to serve disconnected youth through education and employment training as well as reflect upon their own growth since our first gathering.

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Background Material on Disconnected Youth:

  1. Connected by 25: Improving the Life Chances of the Country’s Most Vulnerable 14-24 Year Olds
  2. Beyond City Limits: Cross System Collaboration to Reengage Disconnected Youth
  3. Education Commission of the States—At-Risk Students and Dropout Prevention
  4. Leave No Youth Behind: Opportunities for Congress to Reach Disconnected Youth
  5. Federal, State, and Local Roles Supporting Alternative Education
  6. Reconnecting Disadvantaged Young Men
  7. Campaign for Youth
  8. The Silent Epidemic

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