Teaching for Change: Honoring History, Identity, and Diversity

Teaching for Change: Honoring History, Identity, and Diversity
Group of Diverse Young People

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Teaching for Change facilitated a workshop for AYPF’s network, which provided opportunities for attendees to:

  • Learn about many historical figures who made tremendous impact on America today but are often left out of our typical history textbooks
  • Gather ideas on expanding lesson plans to build a more equitable, multicultural view of society and history
  • Gain tools to equip students with essential analytical skills to examine the world inside and outside their classrooms.

Attendees engaged in deep discussions, challenged and encouraged by the experiences and viewpoints shared by other participants and the facilitators. To find out more about Teaching for Change, you can read our introductory blog with a foreword from our Executive Director, Stephanie McGencey, Ph.D., MPH.




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