E-Bulletin: September 2018

E-Bulletin: September 2018


Spring 2019 Research/Policy Intern
AYPF interns are an integral part of the team and engage in a variety of activities, including researching and analyzing data, writing fact sheets and summaries, and planning and helping to organize briefings on Capitol Hill. The application process is rolling. For more details, please visit our employment page at:https://www.aypf.org/about/employment-opportunities/


Twitter Chat: #Pathways2Success for Systems-Involved Youth (Thursday, September 27, 2018 from 2:00-3:00pm ET)
In July 2018, AYPF convened a group of thought leaders across policy, practice, and research to discuss and brainstorm how to best prepare young people involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems for their next steps in workforce and education. We invite you to join @AYPF_Tweets for an interactive twitter chat as we continue the conversation, share resources, highlight successful programs and best practices, and identify areas of influence and next steps in developing and aligning policies to better support systems-involved youth.

25th Anniversary Celebration (Tuesday, October 23, 2018 from 3:30-6:00pm ET)
This year marks a major milestone for us—AYPF is turning 25! To mark this festive occasion we invite you to join us for our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Come mingle and reminisce as we convene a panel of thought leaders to discuss the future of education, youth, and workforce policies and look back on 25 years of educating, informing, and engaging thousands of policymakers to help them implement policies that support traditionally underserved youth. You will also have the opportunity to hear from educational policy experts such as Anthony CarnevaleKaren Pittman and Andy J. Rotherman as they participate in our panel discussion Leading Education, Youth & Workforce Policy into the Future.
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Talent Development Starts with a Service Year (Wednesday, November 14, 2018 from 2:00pm-3:15pm ET)
National Service is a solution for talent development. While rarely recognized as such, service years are a form of talent development well-suited to young adults — a kind of “civic apprenticeship” that combines work-based learning and career development with a motivating social purpose. This webinar, Talent Development Starts with Service Year, will illustrate the role of national service in supporting talent development in the United States and provide tools to organizations to start intentionally building service year programs. You will want to tune-in as the webinar will feature a program, alumni, and employment specialist to build the case for service as a talent development pipeline. Presenters will include: MacArthur Antigua, Senior Director, Alumni Engagement and Cross-Sector Partnerships, Public Allies; Ben Duda, Managing Director, Corps Members & Alumni, Service Year Alliance; Jessica Graham, Strategic Partnerships, Inclusion & Collaboration, Cisco; and Moderator: Betsy Brand, Executive Director, American Youth Policy Forum
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Forum For Thought Blog

  • Back to School, Back to ESSA and Supporting Students with Disabilities
    By: Jenna Tomasello
    As summer winds down and fall approaches, it marks a bittersweet moment for students, parents, and educators everywhere – school’s back in session. States, districts, and schools may also be confronted with mixed emotions this 2018-19 school year as the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) goes into full effect. While ESSA was enacted in 2015, the nation’s main K-12 education law is finally a classroom reality, marking the transition of new responsibilities for states and districts and upholding federal mandates on assessment, accountability, and other areas of new school improvement processes. Read More
  • Getting Back to School & Setting the Tone
    By: Leslie Byford
    …While the entire year was important to both my educational development and personal growth, looking back, it was that first week of school that truly set the stage for what was to come. In the bookThe First Days of School, authors Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong write: “What happens on the first days of school will be an accurate indicator of your success for the rest of the school year.” The first week of school is more than just going over the syllabus and getting a list of needed materials. It is about setting expectations, not just for students, but for educators and parents as well.Read More
  • How Do We Get to Equity? Reflections on Systemic Change
    By: Jessica Kannam
    How can you be an agent for change?…Over the past few months, I’ve been exposed to a few different ideas, resources, and presentations that have challenged me to think more critically about the role and impact that AYPF and I, have in creating and improving systems to ensure equitable educational opportunities for all… Here are a few of my reflections and lingering questions on the intersections of equity, agency, inclusion, and systems change. Read More
  • If You Read Only One Education Book This Summer
    By: Steve Fleischman
    If you are an educator, you are probably a few weeks into a well-deserved summer vacation. Right now, reading books about education is probably lower on your to-do list…During the past few years, several important books about education have been published that have illuminated the challenges of providing all students with great educational opportunities….My nomination for the one book about education you should read this summer is “Wildflowers”Read More


Check these out – recommended readings from the AYPF staff:

KnowledgeWorks: Building Support for Student-Centered Learning: A Toolkit for Exploring the Future
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Learning Policy Institute: Educating the Whole Child: Improving School Climate to Support Student Success
This report looks at a broad body of neuroscience, science of learning, and child development science to examine how schools can use effective, research-based practices to create settings in which students’ healthy growth and development are central to the design of classrooms and the school as a whole.

Advance CTE: Co-Curricular Learning and Leadership Experiences
This profile focuses on how Georgia, Oklahoma, and South Carolina are measuring work-based learning within their accountability system.

Advance CTE: Transitions Beyond High School
This profile explores how Colorado and Missouri are holding schools accountable for learners’ post-high school success in college and careers.

Achieve: State Expectations for Graduation Matter – and Differ – More Than You Think
This report examines the equity implications of the structure of state graduation options.