E-Bulletin: August 2018

E-Bulletin: August 2018


Spring 2019 Research/Policy Intern
AYPF interns are an integral part of the team and engage in a variety of activities, including researching and analyzing data, writing fact sheets and summaries, and planning and helping to organize briefings on Capitol Hill. The application process is rolling. For more details, please visit our employment page at:https://www.aypf.org/about/employment-opportunities/


Webinar: The Role of National Service in Improving K-12 Education Outcomes (Tuesday, September 18, 2018 from 2:00-3:15pm ET)
National service programs provide vital support to students across the nation at various points during their academic journey. Whether it be support for kindergarten readiness, reading proficiency by third grade, or high school graduation and postsecondary success, national service programs have the potential to dramatically reduce educational disparities. This webinar, The Role of National Service in Improving K-12 Education Outcomes, will illustrate the value and importance that these programs play in helping communities design and implement local, results-driven, and cost-effective solutions to improve student outcomes. Tune in to learn first-hand about the ways you can leverage national service in your own community as the webinar will also highlight successful program examples. Presenters will include: Rosa Moreno, Chief Growth Officer, Service Year Alliance; Lindsay Dolce, Chief Advancement Officer, Reading & Math Corps; Leander J. Foley III, Managing Partner, Capitol Hill Partners; Casey Waugh, Senior Administrator, Evans High School, Orange County Public School District, FL, and Moderator: Betsy Brand, Executive Director, American Youth Policy Forum.
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25th Anniversary Celebration (Tuesday, October 23, 2018 from 3:30-6:00pm ET)
This year marks a major milestone for us—AYPF is turning 25! To mark this festive occasion we invite you to join us for our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Come mingle and reminisce as we convene a panel of thought leaders to discuss the future of education, youth and workforce policies and look back on 25 years of educating, informing, and engaging thousands of policymakers to help them implement policies that support traditionally underserved youth.
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Webinar Recording: Maximizing Postsecondary Outcomes for Students With Disabilities Through Systems Alignment (Thursday, July 19, 2018)
This webinar addressed the topic of how cross-agency and cross-system partnerships support career readiness for students with disabilities. Featuring presenters from the Maine Department of Labor/Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Department of Education, this webinar focused on state policies and practices that support cross-agency collaboration between K–12 and vocational rehabilitation agencies aimed at improving career readiness for students with disabilities.

Webinar Recording: Using Data to Promote Access to High-Quality Work-Based Learning: Tools and Considerations for States (Thursday, August 2, 2018)
To improve college and career readiness for all students, many states across the country are working to expand student access to work-based learning (WBL) experiences. This webinar provided an overview of the role geographic information systems (GIS) and WBL measures can play in helping states make data-driven WBL decisions.

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Forum For Thought Blog

  • From Foster Care to College: An Uphill Battle
    As the boiling “dog days” of summer roll around, a new wave of high school seniors prepare to crash into the college admissions process… This opportunity, however, is far from accessible for students who have been involved with the foster care system. Read More
  • Harvesting the Potential of Rural Afterschool Programs
    Every year the clamor gets louder and louder from teachers, parents, and legislators. “We need afterschool!” Yet despite the recognition of the communal desire for afterschool programming, many children continue to go unserved. Nowhere is this truer than in rural communities. Read More
  • Social and Emotional Learning: What We Can Learn From Alternative Schools
    One thing is clear when you walk into an alternative school–it feels very different from a regular high school. There is a palpable sense of comfort; of being in a friendly, welcoming environment; and of feeling safe and respected. The leaders who manage alternative schools know that relationships come first, and that without authentic, respectful, caring relationships between adults and youth, meaningful learning won’t take place. Read More
  • The Connected Youth Initiative: How Nebraska Is Working To Improve The Lives of Youth
    Young people, even those in the best of circumstances, face considerable challenges transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. These obstacles are compounded exponentially for young people who have been touched by the juvenile justice and foster care systems. The ability to address the issues that these youth face is based on the assumption that the services are available and accessible to the young people who need them. Read More


Check these out – recommended reading from the AYPF staff:

Data Quality Campaign: Roadmap for K–12 and Workforce Data Linkages
This resource outlines how states can develop high-quality linkages between education and workforce data systems to better align and improve opportunities for students.

Learning Policy Institute:How Money Matters for Schools
This brief draws on a report summarizing a large body of research to demonstrate why and how money matters to students and schools.

Alliance For Excellent Education: Science of Adolescent Learning: How Body and Brain Development Affect Student Learning
This report recommends ways education practitioners and policymakers can support adolescent learning for all students, including historically underserved populations.

MDRC: Becoming College-Ready: Early Findings from a CUNY Start Evaluation
This report evaluates the CUNY Start program, an intensive, one-semester prematriculation program designed to help students make real progress on their developmental education requirements before they start college.

MDRC: Making Summer Pay Off: Using Behavioral Science to Encourage Postsecondary Summer Enrollment
This brief presents findings from The Encouraging Additional Summer Enrollment (EASE) Phase 1, a project that uses insights from behavioral science to encourage more students to enroll in summer courses.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation: 2019-21 Children and Family Fellowship
This 21-month Fellowship program brings together leaders in nonprofit, philanthropic and public organizations working to improve outcomes for children and families. The goal of the Fellowship is to increase the pool of diverse, visionary leaders with the confidence and competence to lead and sustain major system reforms and community change initiatives. Nominate a candidate by August 17th or apply by September 17th.