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The American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF), a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional development organization, provides learning opportunities for policy leaders, practitioners and researchers working on youth and education issues at the national, state, and local levels.

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    Senior Director Loretta Goodwin on how her experience with Deeper Learning has evolved.

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    How can we make better use of research-based evidence in child welfare programs? See our recent Capitol Hill forum resources.

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    See our recent Capitol Hill forum resource page to learn about how Statewide Afterschool Networks (SANs) are driving investment in afterschool learning programs.

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What's New
  • 20 November 2015

    How Research Evidence Informs Foster Youth Medication Policies

    Overview For vulnerable children, including those in foster care, behavioral health medications and services offered by the child welfare system are a crucial component of their development. This system, which in 2011 served 6.2 million children in the United States,

  • 16 November 2015

    Increasing Investment In Afterschool: The Role Of Statewide Afterschool Networks

    Overview This webinar highlighted the work of the Statewide Afterschool Networks (SANs) in increasing investment in afterschool, summer, and expanded learning programs. Statewide afterschool networks provide a structure for bringing together key decision makers interested in improving outcomes for children and

  • 8 October 2015

    Beyond the Bell Leadership Briefing (Milwaukee, WI)

    Overview This event was convened for funders, policy makers, and youth serving agency leaders to explore local and national efforts to improve youth access to quality afterschool programs and services. Using the Wallace Foundation’s new report, Growing Together, Learning Together as the springboard,

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