AYPF Podcast on Credible Messengers

AYPF Podcast on Credible Messengers

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Released October 24, 2022

“Your role in my life as someone I know who also has a parent who has been incarcerated gave me encouragement, gave me an example to know I could do it.” — Armonté Butler, podcast episode host


Credible messengers are mentors whose lived experiences serve as a credential in their work to provide guidance, support, and encouragement to young people facing similar challenges. Credible messengers are unique mentors in that their lived experience serves to create even deeper trust, understanding, and partnership with the young people they serve. This podcast looks at how well-trained, resourced, supported, and paid credible messengers can serve young people navigating the youth legal system, child welfare system, K-12 schools, or college.


The Credible Messenger Podcast unpacks the term “credible messenger,” to show you what a credible messenger is and isn’t. And through lived examples and exemplary research, we illustrate the many ways where credible messengers are already working or should be utilized to improve outcomes for young people, especially those marginalized by systemic inequities.


“If you want to solve a problem, you have to talk to the people who are enduring [or have endured] the impact of that problem.” — Iliana Pujols, podcast episode host 


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Episode 1: Introduction to Credible Messengers


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Photo of Iliana Pujols




Iliana Pujols, Host
Youth Policy Consultant, AYPF





Clinton Lacey Headshot




Clinton Lacey, Guest
President and CEO, Credible Messenger Mentoring Movement (CM3)





Episode 2: Credible Messengers in Child Welfare


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Daftne Sanchez Headshot





Daftne Sanchez, Host
Youth Policy Consultant, AYPF




Serita Cox Headshot



Serita Cox, Guest
Co-Founder & CEO, iFoster




Tyree Crawford Headshot




Tyree Crawford, Guest
iFoster TAY Americorps Ambassador





Episode 3: Credible Messengers in Colleges and Universities


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Armonté Butler Headshot



Armonté Butler, Host
Youth Policy Consultant, AYPF






Yasmine Arrington Photo




Yasmine Arrington, Guest
Founder & Executive Director, ScholarCHIPS (For Children of Incarcerated Parents)





Micere Keels Headshot



Micere Keels, Guest
Associate Professor, The University of Chicago



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