Channing Hill

Channing Hill is an aspiring lawyer pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Strategic, Legal, and Management Communication at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Recently honored in the NAACP 53rd Annual Image Awards as Youth Activist of the Year, she is an experienced and tenacious young professional and advocate. Channing is keenly focused on opening doors and expanding horizons so that we as a society can dare to dream bigger and reimagine solutions to issues of justice and socioeconomic disparities.

At only 21 years old, Channing has organized and led protests in public schools in her home state of Texas since her early teenage years. She found her voice in the NAACP Youth Council in Arlington, Texas. She now leads the Howard University NAACP as Chapter President and the Region 7 National Youth-Works Committee Representative. These roots are what equipped her to be one of eight student leaders in #BlackburnTakeover, the occupation protest at Howard University that lasted 34 days. The longest student protest in Howard’s history.

Channing’s commitment to social justice is rooted in a firm belief in community and Black radical traditions. With an ambitious desire to make a difference in the world, her academic study revolves around earning the roles of advocacy, public service, and its application to bettering her larger community.

She exemplifies this conviction through her commitment to working in and creating environments that make a difference. Channing has been seen on CNN, MSNBC, and NBC. Her activism has been recognized in features and coverage from national news sources such as Politico, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and many more.