About Us

“Bridging Youth Policy, Practice, and Research”


AYPF’s vision is that all young people will be able to meet their full potential in school, career, and civic life as a result of our commitment to educate, inform, and engage policymakers in the development of effective and supportive youth policies. Our vision is informed by four guiding principles:

·      Student-Centered Learning

·      Advancement Upon Mastery

·      Multiple Pathways to Success

·      Creating Collaborative Systems that Support Youth

AYPF is a non-partisan convener. We bring policymakers, practitioners, and researchers together to frame issues, inform policy, and create conversations about improving education and young people’s lives.


AYPF’s mission is to broaden the awareness and understanding of policymakers and to strengthen the youth policymaking process by bridging policy, practice, and research. We do this by identifying the most pertinent high-quality information on youth issues available and providing a forum for prominent leaders in government, programming, and research, as well as the youth themselves, to share their viewpoints and expertise about the policies and practices that improve outcomes for all youth.



AYPF events are outstanding!  There is no other venue for obtaining this type of information… and always of high quality.

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