How Research-Practice Partnerships are Pivoting in COVID-19

How Research-Practice Partnerships are Pivoting in COVID-19
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These are undoubtedly challenging times, with schools and districts overwhelmed by a host of problems as they strive to continue serving students well during the pandemic. Educators are currently focused on providing students not only with ongoing instruction, but also attending to their needs around managing trauma, ensuring safe housing and providing sufficient food. Researchers working with their practice partners have to acknowledge these realities and manage the process of how best to continue the partnership.

This webinar, the first in a series examining how various research-practice partnerships (RPPs) are reacting, examined:

  • the scope of the current challenges for districts and schools, and ways RPPs are striving to set a positive direction amidst unprecedented turbulence
  • the range of research-practice partnerships and their various functions, as well as the current constraints they are facing
  • an example of one kind of RPP (the Houston Education Research Consortium) and how it has pivoted under the conditions of COVID-19 and
  • conclude with ways RPPs can offer support to their practice partners.

Participants had an opportunity to engage in Q&A following the presentations.

Panelists included:

  • Don Peurach, Professor of Education Policy, Leadership, and Innovation, University of Michigan’s School of Education
  • Erin Henrick, President, Partner to Improve
  • Daniel Potter, Associate Director, Houston Education Research Consortium (HERC)
  • Paula Arce-Trigatti, Director, National Network of Education Research-Practice Partnerships (NNERPP)


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