Youth Leadership and Voice refers to the ideas, knowledge, opinions and access to the platforms that are necessary for youth to exercise their right to speak out around issues and policies that directly or indirectly affect them.


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  • AYPF Youth Summit, 1st Session August 3, the American Youth Policy Forum began hosting our Youth Summit, which was the first in a series of discussions focused…

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    AYPF Youth Summit

    The AYPF Youth Summit, an engaging, interactive, and fun three-part virtual event that will amplify youth voices and celebrate the power of young people to cre…

  • July 8, 2022

    Make No Choice Without Youth Voice

    Kameryn discusses youth engagement--her experience, research on the topic, and AYPF's strategy.

  • Credible Messengers Small Group Discussion

    An informal event led and facilitated by AYPF’s Youth Policy Consultants and focused on the topic of credible messengers.