Sravan Kodali, YPC

Sravan Kodali is a social justice advocate from Canastota, NY, who is most passionate about implementing policy to advance equitable education and progressive immigration policies.  

He’s the co-founder of Empower CNY, a Central New York non-profit working in 8 local centers to support first-generation and refugee students. He’s helped connect hundreds of volunteers from high schools across the area with 12 other educational enrichment organizations, lobbied local senators on education bills, and helped bring awareness to discriminatory school policies.  

He’s also interned for the Refugee & Immigrant Self-Empowerment (RISE) agency, the immigration team of the Volunteer Lawyers’ Project of CNY, and his local village hall.

Sravan is also a young scientist, and as such, a firm supporter of using data and science in the policy world. In college, he hopes to use his strong research background and his passion in policy to bring forth positive social impact.