Full Board of Directors List

Dr. Lorelle L. Espinosa

Assistant Vice President

American Council on Education’s (ACE) Center for Policy Research and Strategy

Dr. Lorelle L. Espinosa

Lorelle Espinosa serves as assistant vice president for ACE’s Center for Policy Research and Strategy. She is responsible for the development and management of the center’s research agenda, which focuses on issues of diversity and equity in 21st century higher education, dynamic and resilient institutions, and transformational leadership. Her personal area of scholarship focuses on issues of diversity and inclusion and STEM education, and she is co-chair of the National Academies study committee, “Closing the Equity Gap: Revitalizing STEM Education and Workforce Readiness Programs in the Nation’s Minority-Serving Institutions.”

Dr. Espinosa has served the higher education profession for 20 years, beginning in student affairs and undergraduate admissions at the University of California, Davis; Stanford University; and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has contributed opinion and scholarly works to peer-reviewed journals, academic volumes and industry magazines on a variety of topics. Prior to ACE, she served as a senior analyst at Abt Associates, Inc. and as director of policy and strategic initiatives for the Institute for Higher Education Policy. Espinosa currently serves on the boards of College Possible and the American Youth Policy Forum.