No More Islands: Family Involvement in 27 School and Youth Programs (2003)

When families are active in their children’s learning at home, in school, and in youth programs, good things happen. Research has revealed that this connection yields higher grades and test scores, better attendance, attention to homework, fewer special education placements, better attitudes and behavior, higher graduation rates, and greater enrollment in postsecondary education. Family involvement in both school and youth programs is a requirement of No Child Left Behind and the Workforce Investment Act, increasing interest in the topic. For those who want to learn what has been accomplished in this area by leading school and youth programs, the American Youth Policy Forum has compiled a 152-page report, No More Islands: Family Involvement in 27 School and Youth Programs. The report asserts that young people should not be treated as “islands” by school and youth programs, separate from the context of learning that includes the involvement of their families. No More Islands shares evaluations of school and youth programs that describe family involvement in a variety of venues.

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