E-Bulletin: May 2019

E-Bulletin: May 2019


Fall 2019 Research/Policy Intern
AYPF interns are an integral part of the team and engage in a variety of activities, including researching and analyzing data, writing fact sheets and summaries, and planning and helping to organize briefings on Capitol Hill. The application process is rolling.

AYPF is pleased to share our new animated video, which focuses on the intersection of child abuse, foster care, and trafficking. The video includes five steps that you can take to raise awareness about child abuse and links to resources. Check it out below!



Capitol Hill Forum Resources – Competency-Based Education: Promising Policies and Practices for the Future of K-12 Education (Friday, March 22, 2019) 
It is time to build an education system on the core principle that all students can succeed and be ready for the next step in their learning, the workforce, and life. K-12 education must transform to align with the needs of learners and the knowledge and skills they will need to fulfill their dreams. This forum, co-hosted by iNACOL, provided a national overview of developments in the field of competency-based education across K-12 education and highlight ways in which education can prepare students for success in postsecondary education, work, and life.

Forum Resources – Evidence-Based Policy: Moving Beyond Data Dissemination to Increased Evidence Use (Monday, March 25, 2019)
The forum, which was co-hosted by the William T. Grant Foundation, provided participants with new insight into the use of research evidence. In addition, author Annette Boaz discussed instructional strategies from around the world in her new book, What Works Now: Evidence-informed Policy and Practice.

Capitol Hill Forum Resources – College Promise: Supporting Students in College Access and Success (Friday, April 26, 2019)
Community college students face various obstacles on the road to achieving a postsecondary degree. These challenges include tuition, the cost of books, and a lack of support on campus. However, a new movement is taking hold aimed at helping students start and complete their college education without taking on mountains of debt: College Promise Programs. This forum, which was co-hosted by MDRC, focused on the impact of College Promise Programs as well as MDRC’s College Promise Success Initiative (CPSI), which addresses both affordability and student supports such as campus coaching and summer engagement.


Blog Post: Setting State Equity Goals takes Planning & Partnerships
By: Loretta Goodwin

Discussion Group: Building a Research Office that Supports Continuous Improvement under ESSA

Capitol Hill Forum: Aligning Systems and Policies to Support Multiple Postsecondary Pathways

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Moving from Tragedy to Hope in Honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month
By: Samaura Stone
A year has already passed since March 26, 2018, a day that shook so many others and me across the country to their core. The news broke my heart and left me in disbelief. How could six children, ranging from the ages of 12-19 become the victims of what was declared a murder-suicide after their adoptive mother drove their car off a cliff in Northern California? It was a horrific day that reminded me of a fractured system that I know too well, one in which far too many young people have experienced collateral damage.


Check these out – top five recommended readings from the AYPF staff:

AdvanceCTE: The State of Career Technical Education: Improving Data Quality and Effectiveness
This research study provides an assessment of how states can improve the quality and effective use of career readiness data.

Brookings: Meet The Millions of Young Adults Who are Out of Work: Local Profiles of Jobless Young Adults and Strategies to Connect Them to Employment
This report profiles out-of-work 18-to-24-year-olds in mid to large cities across the country, and outlines recommendations to connect them to education and employment opportunities.

The Century Foundation: Recommendations for Providing Community Colleges with the Resources They Need 
This paper explains the needs of two-year colleges and their students and offers policy remedies and a framework for future research.

National Council on Teacher Quality: Ensuring equitable access to great teachers: State policy priorities
This article, which builds on the National Council on Teacher Quality’s prior work, provides an analysis of states’ efforts to ensure that vulnerable student populations have equitable access to the most important in-school factor influencing their learning and lives: excellent teachers.

The Wallace Foundation: Using Data to Strengthen Afterschool Planning, Management, and Strategy: Lessons from Eight Cities
This study examines eight cities’ efforts to strengthen their afterschool systems by garnering reliable information for decision-making, program improvement, and advocacy.