E-Bulletin: January 2020

E-Bulletin: January 2020


We are excited to welcome on board Dr. Stephanie McGencey, who started on January 6.

“We are thrilled to have a leader of Stephanie’s caliber lead AYPF into its successful next chapter,” said Lorelle Espinosa, chair of AYPF’s board. “Her expertise and dedication to ensuring that policymakers have the information they need to create better outcomes for our youth make her a perfect fit for AYPF.”

McGencey brings more than three decades of experience working with organizations, funders and policymakers to advance holistic, evidence-based and strategic approaches to public policy in youth development, mental health, juvenile justice and more.

A full biography for Dr. Stephanie McGencey can be found on AYPF’s website.


We are now accepting applications for a Part-Time Events Planner.

We are now accepting intern applications for the Spring and Summer 2020 Research/Policy Internship.

AYPF Study Tours to Boston and Richmond
were a Huge Success!

Harnessing the Potential of Young Adults

Harnessing the Potential of Young Adults: How Programs Are Using Youth Voice, Education, and Workforce Development to Transform Systems study tour took place on October 8-10, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island. Participants were able to visit three effective programs that are using education and workforce development as a key strategy for achieving success with young adults involved in the juvenile justice and foster care systems. The programs included Artists for Humanity, Foster Forward, and UTEC. The group was comprised of congressional staff, state leaders, national non-profits, and direct-practice professionals. The goal of the study tour was for leaders to: 1) Understand the importance of elevating youth voice in policymaking; 2) How government systems can partner with programs to increase support for youth; and 3) How federal and state policies can be improved to better serve young adults involved in the juvenile justice and foster care systems. Speakers included department leaders in child welfare and juvenile justice from Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

For more additional images, key takeaways, videos, and other materials, please check out our event resource page: https://www.aypf.org/event/study-tour-harnessing-the-potential-of-young-adults/

Scaling Deeper Learning in Virginia: A Focus on Preparing Teachers and Principals

On November 17-19, 2019, AYPF traveled to Richmond, Virginia, to highlight how administrators and teachers are being prepared to provide Deeper Learning experiences for students. Participants visited the Hopewell and Cumberland school districts. Through conversations with students, teachers, administrators, and business leaders, as well as explorations of classrooms, participants witnessed first-hand how to create a teaching and learning environment that supports the development of deeper learning competencies and incorporates hands-on learning that gives students industry-specific skills that prepare them for careers. Participants also heard from educators at the College of William and Mary, to learn about redesign efforts around school leadership, and how state leaders are thinking about the in-service and pre-service work necessary to transform school leadership. High-level state and district education policy leaders joined the study tour to share with participants an understanding of the state policy conditions that support the promotion of deeper learning.

The resource page includes slide presentations from key presenters, an education policy overview, and resources from the two districts we visited, Cumberland and Hopewell.

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