A Cycle of Injustice: How Mass Incarceration Impacts Our Youth

A Cycle of Injustice: How Mass Incarceration Impacts Our Youth
Washington, DC

Resources for the Corps Network Workshop

February 10, 2020 1:30PM – 2:45PM

Folder Materials:

Infographics/Fact Sheets:

Additional Resources:

  • Coping with Incarceration, Sesame Street in the Community Resource Page, “Little Children, Big Problems”
  • ABC News, Girl Scouts Beyond Bars
  • TED Talk (featuring audios from families impacted by incarceration — young girl reads letter to brother in prison; generational impact of mass incarceration RE: father working as a guard and uncle serving a life sentence).
  • PodcastUnprisoned is a podcast By Eve Abrams featuring stories of families impacted by incarceration in Louisiana.
  • PodcastThe Pledge features Valerie Slater, Executive Director of RISE for Youth, a nonprofit in Virginia that works to transform the juvenile justice system.


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