About Us

Educate, Inform, and Engage: AYPF identifies and synthesizes research information on timely youth issues, and provides forums for discussions on education and youth policy, practice, and research.

In-Person Learning Experiences: We provide opportunities for in-person convenings, in-depth learning experiences, and study tours for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers.

For over 20 years, AYPF has specialized in providing unique study tours for policymakers at all levels of government, as well as state and local practitioners. From visits to innovative community schools in Oakland, CA, to a tour of New Hampshire schools that are moving towards competency-based education, our study tours allow select participants from across the country to see theory in action, observe innovative practices, and meet with dynamic leaders.

Watch how AYPF’s study tours allow for on-the-ground observation and face-to-face interactions with students, teachers, administrators, and peers during our recent visit to “deeper learning” schools in Boston, MA and Providence, RI.

Thank you for the opportunity to take this trip and to meet others who are concerned with these issues.  It is too easy to get stuck in one little corner of the school reform box and forget all the other components. 

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