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How We Do Our Work

Using neutral, nonpartisan framing and a youth development lens, AYPF carries out its work through various convenings, social media, and products that bridge policy, practice, and research. We strongly believe that research evidence should inform and govern policy and practice decisions. Our convenings, which include: Capitol Hill Forums, Discussion Group Meetings, Webinars and Study Tours, are designed to bring together diverse perspectives that allow people to learn from each other and from the best practices and knowledge in the field.

Please visit our Upcoming Events page to see a full list of approaching convenings. Material and information from all past events can be accessed on the Past Events page. AYPF products and written materials can be accessed using the advanced search tool.

We provide concise, easy-to-read materials and products (briefs, event summaries, white papers, reports) for a variety of audiences and are able to communicate succinctly with busy policymakers. We are also effective in “translating” dense research and evaluations for policymakers and practitioners. Increasingly we use social media, such as infographics, twitter, blog posts, and videos to reach a broad cross-section of policy influentials.

Our content knowledge runs deep and wide, and we have expertise in the many various systems that touch traditionally underserved youth. This knowledge allows us to make connections across programs, systems, and silos and promote a comprehensive approach to youth success. We are also able to see trends, find commonalities across education and youth programs that can inform and advance policy, and frame emerging issues for consideration.

I would definitely recommend an AYPF trip to colleagues.  Exposure to new ideas and a wide range of thinking is stimulating!  The trips that I have attended have offered excellent learning opportunities.

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